I’m Aman Parmar from New Delhi, India.  I work as a Project Manager in the Video Games industry. I neither have a cat nor a dog.

From my days attending RSJ’s Pub Gigs in Delhi and writing poetry on my blog inspired by metal bands as well as on poetry competition blogs, I stepped into the world of Quality Assurance of Video Games in 2007.  That spawned my gaming blog and I luckily went on to write for some reputable eSports organizations and interviewed quite a few professional players through those platforms. With a history in Bill collections for American Express and Customer Relationship + Business development Management at an IT start-up, writing was something I always came back to.

All this while, I nurtured my childhood love for sneakers and accessories. Lo and behold, here I am on a blog once again.

This blog is a place for Shoe Lovers and Brands – a platform where the interests of both converge. For collaborations and/or queries, you can find me at:

Instagram: th4tshoeguy

Email: aparmar@thatshoeguy.com

Phone: +91 9910438405

Thanks for stopping by!