Brand in Focus – Aureus – Part II

Brand in Focus – Aureus – Part II

Aureus® should now be a familiar name to the readers of this site who’ve had a glimpse of the brand and its offerings in our Brand in Focus segment. In part 2 of our feature on the brand, we dive into four more diverse pairs which have transcended from their drawing boards onto the ever demanding casual/fashion sneaker market. In the meantime, the brand has been busy increasing its footprint in the game. For a start, the shelves of heavily consumer-driven outlets like DSW are now stocking Aureus® with some new designs on the way to hit retail after the holidays. So join me as I unveil four more pairs from this award winning brand and give you my first thoughts as well as an on-feet look.


The Aureus® Ruben is a mid-top sneaker with a “moc-toe” design that reminds you of a lot of lace-up moccasins. But it’s more than meets the eye. This classic silhouette is the perfect marriage of traditional looks, fresh elements and quality. The ankle collar is padded on the inside and the outer is a piece of dark indigo was denim stitched onto the rest of the collar with a tonal thread matching the rest of the upper. Just when I had started getting accustomed to the signature Aureus branding on the upper heel, I found out the big ‘a’ is missing from the Ruben’s back.

Aureus Ruben

The result is a much more sophisticated and clean looking shoe. As usual, the medial and lateral sides of the shoe flow in a single color only to be met by a white thread  dividing the toe-box into an upper and lower deck while giving it that typical moccasin look. The tonal pre-fastened Elastic shoelaces hug the tongue closely that’s draped in the same leather bearing Aureus’ name at the top. The back of the tongue is all leather as well and consists of sizing information. The rich upper and inner leather lining, along with the cushioning properties of the AM-TECH® Sole Technology make Ruben an irresistible pair. The pair looks and feels rugged, just what you need in a proper winter shoe. The out-sole has anti-slip properties and is pretty easy to clean with your favorite shoe cleaner or the good old soap-water and toothbrush.



If you go through the entire catalog Aureus® offers, you’ll come across their design philosophy that announces its presence with each click. Easy on the eyes, laid back demeanor, smart, classy and yet can be paired with clothing that has youthful undertones,  is classy and elegant yet casual, and the list goes on.

Aureus Evolutio

The Evolutio lives up to its name and embodies how a minimalist approach can look self-sufficient with a simple combination of two colors, two metal eyelets, pre-fastened elastic laces, a clean no-nonsense toe-box, and a pull tab that’s an extension of the heel piece. The inner lining is made of leather, the upper is a two-toned leather affair again and the branding is limited to the tongue, heel and lateral side in contrasting colors. The double tonal stitching on the vamp is reassuring and the shoe looks great on feet. The construction is on point and the pair is as comfortable as they come, thanks to the AM-TECH® Sole Technology. You could wear this pair and hop on a yacht or be out and about with friends at an ocean-side restaurant.



A wing-tip oxford fashion sneaker with modern materials, brogue detailing and and an overall aesthetic that could make one of these fancy designers with hard to pronounce names blush? Why the hell not! The Aureus® Supra’s premium look and feel combines class, comfort, style, and mobility all in one. Constructed with an all-genuine leather upper and inner lining, rope elastic pre-fastened laces just like the Maximus, and the classic appeal of a wing-tip makes this shoe charismatic and unique. Available in three different colors, the Supra screams class and quality.

Aureus Supra

Everyone who saw this pair in person described it as “Smart”, “Classy” and “Stylish” with the obligatory “I love your shoes” (which in some cases meant I’m jealous of you because your shoes are better than mine!). The branding appears on the tongue in contrasting Navy  as well as the upper heel. The lateral side does not have any branding, keeping in mind the stitching and brogue detailing which gives it a minimalist and clean look. In other words, the brogue detailing is the star on this shoe apart from its buttery smooth upper. The tonal thread stitching looks beautiful and the navy hints on the laces round off this amazing pair.



One of the most playful and vibrant designs in Aureus’ catalog has to be the Insignia. The color schemes are bold while the design is simplistic which makes them pop a lot. The best part about  a low-top style with some aggressive colorways is the number of options at your disposal when it comes to pairing them with outfits. A true fashion sneaker at heart, the insignia is available in six colorways and happens to be one of the best-sellers.

Aureus Insignia

As for pairings, fitted tweed pants, joggers, slim-fit cargos and denim, come to mind just to name a few. An all white direct injected sole gives a nice break to the flow of color and the elastic laces make sure the shoe fits you like a glove. Just in case you feel the elastic laces are too tight for you or you don’t quite like the stock laces, you can use a nice little hack. Simply cut off the elastic laces and use your choice of rope or flat laces to go with the shoe and you’re set. Insignia is versatility in a small package and looks phenomenal. The PU insole makes sure your feet have plenty of cushion to work with. There’s plenty of arch support too and the thermoplastic polyurethane outsole has plenty of grip to avoid any slip-ups.



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Aureus® is full of surprises. Even though I had a decent idea about what I was walking into, these pairs just blew my mind. There’s attention to detail across the board. The designers have not been random about anything but deliberate about everything. The execution is on point, nothing is hideous, all the styles are easy on the eyes and make you wish to grab them from the shelves. The nubuck, suede and inner leather lining are of premium quality and the silhouettes are amazingly well done. The shoes are comfortable for all-day wear and the AM-TECH® Sole Technology actually works.


To summarize, here are the major points in no specific order:

  1. Great arch support to prevent fatigue
  2. Extremely comfortable & durable
  3. Leather inner lining
  4. 100% genuine top-grade leather uppers and materials like denim
  5. Eco-friendly materials
  6. Sturdy construction
  7. Direct Injection Sole Technology (No stitching or Glue involved except for stitching on upper)
  8. Uncluttered, minimalist looks
  9. Stylish, Smart and Classy
  10. Great colorways
  11. Anti-slip sole
  12. Bundled Accessories (hard/soft bristle brush, shoe horn and shoe inserts)

You better keep your eyes peeled for the Christmas period when their fresh models hit retail. You do not want to miss what Aureus® has in store for all of us. Hats off to their designers who’ve done an outstanding job on all the concepts and to the production team that has executed them to absolute perfection.

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