Brand In Focus – Vetro Power

Brand In Focus – Vetro Power

Do you tip-toe around and try to be extra mindful of all the potholes, dirt and puddles on the road when rocking a new pair of sneakers? Does your sneaker collection consist of lighter, pastel shades and comprises of materials like twill that makes them dirt magnets? Are you one of those people who dodge all the bullets on the road only to reach your office and spill your coffee on your shoes or scuff them up against your office chair? Have you gone through a bunch of famous shoe care products on the internet but can’t get your hands on one of the international brands?

Clean and crisp looking sneakers are important to me and should be to you as well. Shoes can make or break an outfit and there’s nothing more off-putting than a dirty pair of shoes. But in a constant tug of war where one company is selling you preventive products while the other is pushing corrective products, which one do you choose and why?

Vetro Power

Understanding Preventive vs. Corrective Maintenance

If you look five years back, most of us had generic shoe cleaning solutions and the trusted old tooth brush technique to take care of our sneakers. Meanwhile, smart/dress shoe connoisseurs always had their trusted waxes, leather conditioners, brush sets and polishes. The only preventive measure was to not wear your “good” shoes but put on beaters instead, out in the bad weather. However, the sneaker community has always delivered and it eventually came out with a solution to its own problem.

Prevention is better than cure is the core message behind preventive maintenance. So products in this category deal with pre-emptive action i.e. preparing your shoes the right way before you step out into the dust and pollution filled streets. Corrective maintenance is carried out when the damage has already been done and now, clean up is in order. Most of the shoe cleaning solutions, including your good old liquid soap with luke warm water fit right into this category.



Vetro Power is a shoe-care product developed by Indian Entrepreneur Varun Mukhi. It was only while living in the UK for his studies, that the constant deterioration of his footwear due to the gloomy weather frustrated him enough to look for shoe sprays and fabric protecting coatings around the world. With a family history in the field of chemicals for textiles, he had that precedent. Six years of research and development later, his own product Vetro Power was born.

Application Guide

How it Works

The spray creates an invisible, hydrophobic (water repellent) and self cleaning silicon dioxide coating which acts as a barrier to foreign matter like dirt and moisture. Any kind of liquid spillage takes the shape of beads and simply rolls off the surface of a properly coated shoe, the directions for which are clearly stated in the Application Guide.

As per Vetro Power’s application guidelines, 25 ml of their solution is usually sufficient for a regular pair of shoes while boots and taller footwear may require up to 50 ml for a proper coating. The 100 ml bottle has a non-aerosol based solution that fills up a non-pressurized container and can be sprayed via a conventional nozzle. This makes the bottle somewhat “safer” for transport via air as airport authorities usually scrutinize aerosols and most of them happen to be inflammable anyway due to the presence of volatile hydrocarbons like butane in their composition.


Why Vetro Power?

This is the first time an Indian brand has found its way into this niche. So even the skeptics among us would wish to know what the riff is about. When I heard about Vetro Power, I wanted to try it out just out of curiosity but the sneaker enthusiast in me was actually excited to see an Indian brand enter the fray. It also comes from an entrepreneur whose family business has revolved around chemicals and their interaction with textiles including dyeing processes. This means the after-effects like color bleeding and lack of consistency across the shoe would be part of the homework. The odds of testing it out with different fabrics and types of leather would have been an intrinsic part of the product’s development, at least presumably from a consumer standpoint.

As per Vetro Power’s website, their solution interacts well with and I quote “Suede, Nubuck, Leather, Fabric, Nylon, Synthetics, Canvas & Sheepskin” which constitute nearly 98% of the Indian shoe and handbag market? Yes, this spray is not just for your patent leather heels but also that Michael Kors bag you’ve been carrying around. You might have a hard time convincing yourself to spray something from a lesser known brand on your expensive kicks, but remember – every brand started out the same way.



Vetro Power footwear protection does what it says, nothing more nothing less. If you’re really interested in safeguarding your footwear against water, alcohol, oil, rain, mud, puddles, sauces, etc. I’d urge you to go ahead and give it a spin. A single 100 ml bottle will cost you Rs. 1,500.00 which may not be cheap but for any serious collector, it’s an investment worth looking into. While Vetro Power claims that a single proper application will last you 12 months, you need to understand that it comes with an unsaid disclaimer about your handling of your kicks.

If you’re planning on kicking shards of glass, rolling around in a bed of nails and doing cartwheels in a cement pit just to make a point, Vetro Power or any other shoe-care product won’t be able to help much. Another thing to be pointed out is that a 100 ML bottle will only last you so long. If a 25 ML application per pair is recommended, you’ll have only 3 more applications to work with. So if you wish to use the spray sparingly, you’d rather save it for your most cherished kicks.

Vetro Power is a good non-aerosol based alternative to other brands available in the market today and it might as well become your favorite one down the line.

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