Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Celebrate the man your dad is and make him feel special this Father’s day with something off-beat. Neck Ties, Mugs, Wrist watches, Pens, Suit Pieces/Suits, Scarves and other accessories are seriously overdone and clichéd.  Listed below are some gift ideas that’ll put a sparkle in his eyes for sure. Now of course there are millions of other things that can be gifted to him but our focus is going to be mostly on his feet for reasons well known to you. So let’s get into it.


Aureus Supra

Every man appreciates a good pair of shoes. Be it understated desert suede chukkas, easy going driving mocs, refined cap toe oxfords or just casual minimalist sneakers – they’re bound to make him happy. If you’re in the market for something that looks and fits awesome but is a class apart from the mainstream brands, I highly recommend you pick up a pair of Aureus shoes for him. Not only do their shoes look delicious and fit like a glove, they also have an ongoing sale specifically for Father’s day. Pretty sure you can’t do it without grabbing a pair for yourself from their growing inventory of kicks, speaking of which, you can grab some of their models directly from DSW now! So if you’re already on your way to the mall, you might as well drop in at your nearest DSW outlet and test the shoe for yourself. You can also check out reviews done by several Men’s style YouTubers and Bloggers all over the internet if you’re curious to find out more about the brand.


Marwood x Pantherella Collab

If you’ve chosen good shoes for your dad already, there’s absolutely no way you can let him wear bad socks. In fact, Socks + Shoes make for an excellent gift bundle. Also, when I say “bad socks”, I’m referring to the cheesier options that start appearing everywhere close to Father’s day and then vanish like seasonal fruits. He deserves better than that. Geometric patterns, solid color ribbed socks, polka dots, paisley, pinstripes, prints, etc. are perfect. Mercerised cotton is a big plus to make sure they last long and are easy on his feet. Play with colors like sea green, fuschia, cobalt blue, solar red or go for understated and muted tones like charcoal grey, navy blue, dark olive, chocolate brown, etc. Regardless of which ones you pick, refrain from gifting your dad a single pair of socks. If not with shoes, make sure it’s a pack and is bundled with some other accessories. Coming back to the point, I highly recommend Danvers from Pantherella. After being purchased by Burberry in 1990, the brand still continues under the same name and provides high quality socks that are still made in the UK (Leicester, England) from their family owned factoryIf Pantherella’s not available, you can opt for CHUP by Glen Clyde. You can even go for upscale designer brands like Gamarelli or other established mass market names like Happy and Stance.


Ampersand Laces

Waxed cotton and leather laces are always a big yes for me because not only do they look good, they actually accentuate the overall package they’re meant for. Purchasing them for gifting purposes is always recommended and so is a palette of playful bold colors. Remember, it’s a gift and the last thing it can be is dull. Once again, stay away from the tacky options. Mind you, I said tacky, not cheap. A tacky pair of shoe laces will have plenty of fraying, loosely woven threads, poor quality lace tips and uneven waxing over the surface. These are simple touch and feel techniques that you can apply when shopping for the same.  Rope Lace Supply has been a trusted name in the industry and they have a wide variety to choose from. Ampersand Laces have a huge inventory and offer you all sorts of lengths, colors and materials to choose from. You can also check out some Italian waxed laces offered by Laccico in both the round and flat categories.


Like these gift ideas? Have some of your own to share? Let me know what are you picking up for your dad this Father’s day in the comments below.

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