Sneakerhead in Focus: Carmen “Nananoah1” Garrido Diez

Sneakerhead in Focus: Carmen “Nananoah1” Garrido Diez

There are two firsts in this feature – A Spanish collector and my first female sneakerhead feature. Running into Carmen on IG and interacting with her was sort of a build-up to this feature. She isn’t your seasoned veteran collector but that’s kind of nice because you get to view things from a different perspective. In this feature, she tells us how the sneaker scene in her city is, if the rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid spills outside the football arena and into the sneakers and shares her top 5 with us.


Hi! My name is Carmen, but I like that they call me Nana. It’s a long story and has something to do with a Japanese series called “Elfen Lied”. If I have to define myself, I would say I am fun and positive person, a dreamer and I’m addicted to sneakers.

Tell us how was it growing up in Madrid? What are your fondest childhood memories of your city?

In Madrid I grew up like any other girl full of a thousand dreams and illusions. I drew, I studied and I learned to play the piano which is another passion of mine.

What made you decide to collect? What’s your craziest/memorable sneaker story that you would like to share?

I decided to collect maybe two years back  because  normally sneakers were always looked at something more comfortable, yet sporty at the same time. Over a period of time, I realized that I identify more with this style instead of heels and skirts, which do get worn regardless on more special occasions. I love looking at my shelf with such different and exclusive models. Whenever I’m walking down the street and look at my feet, I feel great!


What is your take on the current scenario about the whole FC Barcelona situation? How crazy are people about the rivalry with Madrid? Does that rivalry also exist in the sneaker scene of both the cities?

I stay on the sidelines when it comes to issues like these and I’m not too fond of football. I think that in the sneaker arena there is no such rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid, we are people from different places and countries united by a single passion – sneakers. Different events are held both in Madrid (Dashape) and in Barcelona (Loversneaker) created for those fanatics of footwear featuring footwear from the oldest models to the most modern.
Coffee and Kicks

How is the Sneaker scene in your city? Which sneaker spots would you recommend to people who don’t know much about the local stores? Which is your favorite spot to shop when it comes to kicks?

The scene and the culture of the sneaker world has been growing in recent years. Many young people have joined this movement and the different social networks make it more accessible inside and outside our country. To anyone travelling to Madrid or Spain in general, I’d recommend an area called Calle Fuencarral, where there are a lot of stores that offer a wide variety of models, from the simplest to the most limited.  Urbanjungle, Foot District, Consuela, Size etc. are all here. They are very close to each other too. For me personally, the best place is Diamond Crown shop which stocks a lot of exclusive limited models and they treat you well too.
Posing with her Air

What is it about Nike that clicks with you? How did your love for the Air Max 1 develop? What made you decide to collect?

Nike for me is “MY GREAT LOVE” and Air max 1 being my favorite model of all time, it’s a no brainer. I prefer it for its style, comfort, and incredible shape which according to me has no comparison! It is the good old original that’s relevant to this day.

You also collect apparel. Which is your favorite brand and why? Which boutique according to you is doing a great job with collabs for sneakers and apparel?

In clothing, I usually follow the fashion but I am not that addicted to it. I do like brands like Supreme, Huf, Stone Island, etc. I’m much simpler when it comes to clothing and give priority to comfort. Not to mention these brands are quite expensive. I like to combine colors and mix-and-match sweatshirts with sneakers or more basic pants with shirts and some cool caps. Foot District is at the top when it comes to shoes and clothing collaborations with the best brands and exclusive pieces.

Hoodie Season

Do you think Nike has lost its magic touch and is now playing catch up with Adidas? What do you think will take for Nike to make a comeback and take the lion’s share of the sneaker market?

I think Nike is Nike. For me it has no comparison with any other brand in the market. While it’s true that Adidas has hit the market hard with new concepts such as the Ultraboost sole and fabrics as comfortable as the Iniki’s upper in original colors (blue and red) or even the Yeezys that have positioned themselves strongly in the market. Nike should reissue several models and send more units to stores. If the models use more premium materials, people will find them regardless.

Your top 5 shoes from your collection


Air max 1 Anniversary Red 2017

Air Max 1 Rebel Skulls

Air Max 1 Master

Air Max 1 Premium “Atmos” Elephant

Air Max 1 Jewel Rare Ruby

Elusive Sole

Without a doubt, I’d say the Air Max 1 “Beast” and Air Max 1 “Dirty Denim”

Final Words

You can find me on Instagram @nananoah1 and Facebook @Carmen Garrido Diez. I’d like to give infinite and heartfelt thanks to my two unconditional friends @roberayo with his magical work with the camera who believed in me since the very beginning and @juanpedro2189 without whom none of this could’ve ever been possible. Please never change. I love you both!

Carmen Garrido


Carmen seems unaffected by the “I am bigger than the scene” rat race. Her simplistic approach to collecting what she loves is very important to me and to collecting in general. She embodies your perfect consumer minus the fluff. To think that she would become my first female feature can be nothing short of a miracle. After going through a number of female collectors who were really good at committing but even better at vanishing mid-way, Nananoah came along and just said “Yes, of course, tell me what it is? What have you thought?”. Her collection consists of precisely what she wants in the right quantities according to her. She knows where to draw the line and you just can’t make her cross it. I’d like to thank and give a huge shoutout to Carmen who despite losing her Laptop and Phone to a petty theft by some jerk had the heart to complete this feature, do the outdoor shoot and send it all over. Need I say more?


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