Sneakerhead in Focus: Scott “punklance” Green

Sneakerhead in Focus: Scott “punklance” Green

Our journey had already taken us to the big apple and it was imperative for us to hit the West Coast in our hunger for sneakerhead storylines. Hair Stylist, Sneakerhead, Collector and active TeamNB member Scott “Punklance” Green tells us all about how it began for him, why he loves the Reebok pumps and what are his top 5 pairs out of his collection.


Hi, I’m Scott! Born on the east coast, raised mostly on the west coast.  I have a love for things both east and west which I think affects my taste in sneakers, clothing, and in life.  I love art, music, movies, food, and cool shoes.  I’m just enjoying everyday.

How did your love for shoes begin? What made you start collecting?

I was exposed to rare and cool shoes by being a everyday so cal kid.  He had lots of vans stores, I remember when air-walk ones were the shit and looking at early 90’s issues of SLAM wanting shaq pumps, Jordan Vs, but my mom would never buy me the cool stuff.  I trashed shoes.  As I got older and got a job, I bought myself what I liked.  SoCal was awesome cause we had a bit of everything in the sneaker world.


You have a bunch of Reebok shoes and pumps specifically. What gravitates you towards them?

It was the first real shoe I wanted as a kid and could never afford, the Tennis ball pumps.  In the early 2000’s, I just started buying a ton of them off ebay.  The shape is still classic and the colors too.  I was able to get a lot compared to the ra*e sb dunk stuff going on so I split my time and money between them.  It was nostalgia and they were funky rare. They always turned heads.


Pick any one shoe from a brand you own that in your opinion was horribly executed and tell us what would you change about it?

I don’t think I own anything that I just hated, or  that I was totally disappointed with.  I think I’ve been lucky to buy what I support and appreciate,  and I’ve  been able to check out bad quality Jordans, dunks before I purchased them.  But I am bummed how reebok bombed by mass producing the pump 25 bring backs and the retro ALife pumps.  Still rad shoes but after some people paid retail of $250, prices dropped $100’s and shoes showed out in outlets by the masses.  Suuuper disappointing.



How did your association with TeamNB begin? Tell us what it’s about and how does one become a part of it?

It started over 3 years ago on Niketalk I was pretty much on there to talk NB before the official nb thread even started.  Then one day some dude started the official thread and I was on it since day 1.  Years later a few regulars started up a fb ig team thread which made everything easier to chat and help each other out with releases.  People can DM teamnb on Instagram or email for a questionnaire application.


Your New Balance collection is extensive. What model(s) do you rock the most and why?

Seeing some sweet 574s in a local footaction in 2002 or 2003 caught my eye. Then I found the MT580 once I started learning more about New Balance and that stole my attention from Reebok and Nike SB.  I rock a lot of 998s though now a days.

Has the whole trend of sneaker boutiques ever sparked a thought about creating your own shoe? What would be your dream shoe, if there could be one?

I think every sneaker guy thinks about opening a shop rather than having their own shoe.  I think when nb came out with the 998 id, they created my dream shoe, ha ha.   I was always waiting for Reebok to drop the court victory ID but that never happened.  I did wish I made more dual pump IDs, but I only made 1.


You’re into rocking different hair colors. Is it inspired by your love for colorful sneakers or is it the other way around?

That’s my profession. I do hair here in SoCal so I change my hair occasionally.  

Your Top 5 Shoes from your collection

New Balance MT580 BN (My favorite 580 colorway)

New Balance 670 wood wood

Reebok Pump 20 Solebox Edition

Air Jordan V Black Metallic

Nike SB hulk dunk high


Elusive Sole

Finding a dead-stock pair of the New Balance MT580BN took me like the past 8 years.  I just kept missing out on consignment shops, eBay, and forums.  I know there’s much more rare Jordans, etc. that people are on the hunt for. But I’ve been able to track down what I want eventually.  Maybe it’s cause of my shitty taste *laughs*. 



Final Words

Shoes come and go.  Don’t miss out on more important things in life with people you love over this hobby.  Wear what you like!  Support your friends and local business over anything corporate… And wear your shoes! 


Thatshoeguy’s Word

Punklance’s collection is like my favorite shoe store’s display window. It’s colorful, it has a great variety, it’s true, it makes you want to open the door and walk in. His chilled out demeanor complements his taste in shoes that ranges from old school Reeboks and Vans all the way to the latest models of New Balance. His collection doesn’t look and feel rushed and is a true depiction of who he is. After all, how many of us have the patience to wait for a pair for 8 years? On top of that, he has some great collabs and old gems. There’s not one dull moment when scrolling through his IG feed and I want to give a huge shoutout to him for sparing time out of his schedule to do this feature.


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