Sneakerhead in Focus: Torsten “SuperSk8” Steinmetz

Sneakerhead in Focus: Torsten “SuperSk8” Steinmetz

We started our Sneakerhead in Focus journey from Germany and, lo and behold, here we are back again! This time, we have another Adidas head with us who is smitten by a silhouette in particular. In this feature, he tells us how he got started, what turned him into a collector, shares is top 5 and even sends a message to his favorite brand.


Hi! My Name is Torsten. I´m 38 years old and I hail from Germany. I’m currently working as a store manager. My interests and hobbies are shell-toes,  spending time with my family and other kicks (wink). I’ve been into the sneaker “game” for more than 10 years.

How did you get into sneakers? What made you start to collect?

Back in 2005, I had read an article in the magazine “Focus” about the Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Series. I had owned a few pairs before, though I wasn’t really into the sneaker business, more into vdubs. I had never seen such great designs and materials on trainers before and after seeing the article I was looking for Superstars from that series. It was the first time I had starting hunting special releases. However, if you have no idea about the sneaker business then you might have to pay the price: ‘fakes’ is the word. I bought some NBHDs (Neighborhoods) from a UK-based seller (on eBay) years ago for more than two hundred euros. I was really disappointed, as they turned out to be fakes! But hey, they’re my garden shoes now!


Your collection has variety but your Adidas Superstar collection is insane! How did this love affair begin? What is it about the silhouette that you love so much?

I was always interested in sneakers, especially the Adidas superstars. In 2006 I stumbled across SuperstarDB. There were other collectors, with superstars that I had never seen before. So the hunt began. From that day on, the collection started to grow. 
The Superstar is an all-time classic. It’s not a hype shoe but it is the type of shoe that you either love or hate. I love it! I consider the pre-2000 models especially close to me because of their shape along with the vintage models, like the 2005 consortium series. It’s a simple shoe with a technical/athletic background and history. You won’t see Ultraboosts or NMD’s in 20 years and think “Wow! What a nice shoe!”
Adidas Superstar “D-Mop”

What other brands have impressed you the most?

You mean the “other” dasslers? Puma for sure, but some New Balance, Asics and Kangaroos are sweet too.

What is your favorite collab and GR pair of all time? Why?


Collab – Adidas Superstar 80v x Shawn Stussy (unreleased collab out of the 10th anniversary series). Good to have one pair to rock and one pair to stock. Why? Hmm, it´s an unreleased version that makes it special to me and the leather is so smooth. Just lovely!


GR – Adidas Superstar “Phillies Blunt” from 2008. Again, the colorway is simply great. The leather texture is on point. Great idea and execution for a superstar!

What’s your most memorable sneaker story?

The “SuperSk8” Promodel was made by the UK based customizer Benji Blunt. The base was the DB Pro Model. Benji changed the tongue, dyed the upper, made custom lace tips and of course the tongue label. Some people have their kids as a tattoo, I have my son on a shoe. *laughs*


Are you happy with the direction Adidas has adopted, specifically in 2016? What do you anticipate will happen once the ultra boost dust settles given that the Alphabounce sort of bombed?

I´m not a runners guy. Even if my collection includes a few pairs. I’ve got a pair of energy boosts and one pair of ultra boosts. Very comfy, very useful for running. But as a daily shoe, it simply doesn’t cut it for me. Overall, I’m unhappy with the whole NMD concept. To me, it’s just a piece of plastic.


Your Top 5 Sneakers from your collection

Adidas Superstar “Top Secret” – 35th anniversary consortium series


Adidas Superstar “Light & Dark Side” aka Master Yoda & Darth Vader


Adidas Pro Model x Operator EMZ (collectors pack – 1 of 50)


Shoebiz x Adidas Campus 80s “Stanford” Back to Campus Pack


Kangaroos Omnicoil x AFew “Jelly”


Elusive Soles

  • Adidas Super Ape Star x A Bathing Ape – the black stuff version (100 pairs worldwide)
  • Adidas Superstar Vintage x “NBHD” (35th anniversary consortium series)


Final Words 

I want to thank my lovely girlfriend for the patience, my friends @dave.lurky and @blunt_shank for always being helpful and creative, @ssdb & @teamtrefoil for having me.

@adidasoriginals: Please get back to your roots. The “year of the superstar” was simply disappointing. By the way, quality control should be a theme again!


Thatshoeguy’s Word

The Adidas Superstar is a classic indeed and Torsten just can’t have enough of it. Germany is Adidas’ backyard and so a German collecting Adidas kicks might not come off as a surprise to you. However, what should surprise you about Torsten’s collection is that despite being spoilt for choice for the aforementioned reason, he truly sticks to what HE likes. Another interesting aspect that has come forth in this feature is that there’s an entire community dedicated to the Superstar – a timeless classic, simple and functional shoe. I’d like to thank SuperSk8 for taking the time to do this feature and share some really dope kicks from his collection with us.

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