Sneakerheads in Focus: LaPaire

Sneakerheads in Focus: LaPaire

Our Sneakerhead in Focus series continues and our next stop is France. Nicolas and Cyril aka la_paire are Sneakerhead twins from Paris who happen to have more in common than meets the eye. We prod them about their sneaker tastes, the French scene and of course get to know their top 5!

It’s so odd and remarkable at the same time to see twin brothers, both with a passion for sneakers. Tell us how it all began and how did you both end up collecting?

Cyril: As twin brothers, we have a fusional relationship. We have the same friends, the same job, the same interests, so it was natural that we have the same passion for sneakers.

Nicolas: Our parents had a store in the Paris flea market. When we were younger, we went around to find the rarest sneakers around.

The Sneakerhead Twins – La Paire

What are some French sneaker boutiques that you think are great but don’t get as much attention? Do you have a favorite international sneaker boutique? Why is it your favorite?

Nicolas: Starcow, Numero 42. They Specialize in limited edition Adidas kicks.

Cyril: When it comes to International Sneaker Boutiques and we’re looking for a specific sneaker, KITH in NYC is our go-to boutique. 

Nicolas: Urban Necessities in Las Vegas also carries the latest releases and golden oldies.


Is there any sibling rivalry between the two of you when it comes to sneakers and style specifically? How much would you say your tastes vary?

Nicolas: Not really, we share everything.

Cyril: We share everything but when there is a stain or a mark when I get my sneakers back, Nicolas has to pay for Jason Markk.

How would you describe the French sneaker scene? Are there any local French brands that are making great sneakers but are under the radar?

Cyril: France is above all else huge and famous for its clothing brands, but on the sneaker side of things, we definitely have ground to cover.

Nicolas: It is a common notion that when one speaks about France, it’s either about high end brands, fashion or its gastronomy.

Dope backdrops, dope kicks!

If you were to dedicate a pair to each other from your collection and then a 3rd pair from your collection that would represent your bond, which 3 pairs of sneakers would you choose and why?

Nicolas: Adidas Yeezy 350 Turtle Dove

Cyril: Adidas NMD PK OG Core Black

Both: One, Two, Three – Nike Jordan 1 Chicago!


Your collection has variety but Adidas seems to be in the spotlight. What appeals to you about the brand, its offerings and its legacy?

Cyril: We like Adidas because they always have new pairs, new technologies (Ultra Boost, NMD, Yeezy), a lot of different collabs with great influencers. We are looking forward to the upcoming Alexander Wang collab.

Where do you see sneaker design heading overall? Do you think other brands can replicate Adidas’ success in 2016?

We are heading towards better and smoother designs. The flyknit vs. primeknit wars between Nike and Adidas should keep things interesting. Adidas hit hard in 2016 with their innovative designs but we are not worried about how other brands will respond to Adidas’ success. We’ll have to do another interview in 2017 to make a statement about that *winks*

A lot of people are selling off their collections stating that the sneaker game is not the same anymore. On the other hand, brands, boutiques and independent labels are working together and churning out a lot of stuff together, unlike the past. Is this a great time to be a sneakerhead? If yes, why, if no, why not?

Sneakers were never as much of a frontline trend as they are today. The whole hip-hop lifestyle has become a part of the youth culture. It is indeed a good time to be a sneakerhead because there are so many sneaker designs that come out every day. There are so many collabs too that give anyone plenty of choices to build their own collection. Some of them need a lot of patience and resources though, the yeezys for instance which are hard to get.


Your Top 5 Sneakers from your collection?


[soliloquy id=”2220″]

  1. Adidas NMD PK OG Black
  2. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Black
  3. Nike Air Max 98 x Supreme
  4. Adidas EQT Support ADV
  5. Adidas Y3 Yohji Yamamoto Pure Boost ZG Knit


[soliloquy id=”2226″]

  1. Adidas Yeezy 750
  2. Adidas Yeezy 350 Turtle Dove
  3. Air Jordan 1 Chicago
  4. Adidas NMD Bleu Blanc Rouge White
  5. Adidas Ultra Boost J&D

Elusive Sole

Cyril – Nike Air Mag from Back To The Future

Nicolas – Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October 


Would you like to say something in French to all the French readers of this feature?

Abonnez vous à @la_paire sur instagram, surtout si vous aimez les baskets, c’est le compte à suivre!!! Alors abonnez vous vite!!! Cordialement

[Translation: Follow @la_paire on instagram. Especially if you like sneakers, this is the account to follow! So follow us ASAP!! Yours Sincerely]

Final Words

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Thatshoeguy’s Word

Paris is one of the hottest fashion destinations in the world and it talks to you even when you’re physically not there. I had bookmarked the twins for the longest period of time but the feature had to be timed right. La Paire have a unique aesthetic sense and you can tell from the way they dress up, their choice in sneakers, the backdrops they choose and the way they shrug it all off as second nature that passion for everything related to colors and design runs deep. While most of their sneaker tastes are geared towards newer as well as hype releases, they do have the occasional classics chiming in. A big shoutout to Cyril and Nicolas for taking the time to do this feature and for doing an outdoor photo-shoot to provide us these gorgeous pictures.


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