Episode 0: A New Beginning?

Episode 0: A New Beginning?

After much deliberation and delays, here’s Episode 0 (Pilot) of the Shoenity Podcast. I approached a few friends and ran the idea past them about hopping on a podcast with me but most of them seemed to be on the fence about it or did not want to commit to it. So I decided to go at it solo. After LiveStreaming on Twitch and doing other podcasts with some Tech and Gaming Forums back in the day, I am once again back with a mic and some stories to tell. Hope you enjoy the ramblings.

Episode 0 features the following topics:

  1. Hello!
  2. Superstitions & the Sneaker World – Tetraphobia
  3. Adidas in 2019 – Have they really slowed down?
  4. The Brand Wars in European Football
  5. Nike – More models, more controversy, more sales

Let me know if you liked this Pilot Episode. Any other feedback would be appreciated as well.

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