Episode 4: On We March

Episode 4: On We March

I am back with a brand new episode of The Shoenity Podcast and this one is called On We March because there is very little to rejoice by looking back at 2020. As we head into 2021, we can do nothing but hope to see the end of this dark tunnel. So get cozy, grab a drink and give the new episode a listen:

  1. Adidas Selling Reebok & Potential Buyers
  2. J.Cole & Puma’s launch of RS Dreamer
  3. 2021 – The Year of the Nike Air Force 1
  4. Saucony launching in January 2021, ASICS increasing its India Footprint and Puma dropping exclusives via Myntra

Stay safe, stay healthy and happy! Wish you all a very happy 2021.

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