Best Metallic Gold Sneakers for Women, Available in India

Best Metallic Gold Sneakers for Women, Available in India

Women and their gold are inseparable. With metallic textures, overlays, accents and all-over-glitter-skin goodness making a comeback in 2016, the ladies are indeed spoiled for choice. But all that glitters is not gold, literally. Most of these glittery eye-catching designs are poorly crafted, use inferior materials, are quite uncomfortable and don’t last as long as you’d want them to.

Here are a few of our picks that not only made us drool, but are well constructed along with having the right materials in the right places.

Aldo Cerari Golden Shoes

These slip-ons are love at first sight. The synthetic golden honeycomb-pattern upper teamed up with a crisp white mid-sole, a contrasting rubber lining with white stitching on top and a rubber sole is quite a looker. The brown rubber lining sitting atop the thick mid-sole matches with the sock liner of the shoe which gives it great aesthetic appeal and is the perfect color to compliment the synthetic golden upper.

Price: Rs. 5490 @ Jabong

Reebok Dance Urlead Mid Twist Golden Sneakers

These mids are hands down crazy! With a plush genuine leather upper, a completely perforated toe-box with double stitching, color-contrast flat lacing, thick leather straps with velcro to hold them together, great cushioning for ankle support, a thick white rubber mid-sole, mesh lining on the inside in crisp white, the poofy padded tongue in gold and white adorning the red Reebok logo, the delicious crackled leather throughout the shoe and of course that insane twist of leather on the medial as well as lateral side of the shoe make this one of the finest constructed shoes around. The arched design on the heel completes this silhouette and gives the shoe a much more premium feel. Long story short, this pair is a must cop!

Price: Rs. 4500 (50% discount) @ Jabong

Aldo Satch Golden Shoes

When the upper of your shoes has a variable rivet like design, you can rest assured it wasn’t made for everyone. You can rock them in almost any color with white, black and metallic being the most famous choices of the lot. This unique silhouette is both trendy and casual at the same time. Wear them with a dress, pair of crisp dark wash jeans, long skirt, and the list goes on. This pair from Aldo once again rocks a synthetic honey comb pattern on the upper and maintains an overall low profile similar to that of a boat shoe. The mid-sole is thick and white ensuring comfort while the design philosophy of Aldo shows when the sock liner matches the overall color palette of the shoe. We highly recommend this quirky design as a wardrobe staple.

Price: Rs. 6990 @ Jabong

Mango Deportiva Brenda C Golden Shoes

This shoe would’ve single-handedly become our top recommendation had it sported an iridescent material, because boy does it have the vibe of one! The synthetic upper on this pair looks beautiful in different lighting conditions. A dance of light and dark tones all over the upper is hard to achieve but this shoe comes close to achieving it. The outsole looks well planted with the sock-liner matching the white mid-sole. Wear them with a short skater dress and pair that with a color contrasting bag.

Price: Rs. 2443 @ Jabong

Vans Authentic Golden Sneakers

Many people mistake every low-top pair of Vans with the Eras. No, these are not eras. In fact, the Era silhouette was inspired by the Authentic. The chessboard perforated print atop the patent leather upper on this shoe has a sharp street vibe to it. The flat black laces and matching fabric sock liner complete the silhouette with a thick rubber mid-sole and a signature waffle outsole reminiscent of everything Vans has given us over the years. A classic shoe and a classic colorway made to rock with slim-fit jeans as as well joggers. What’s more? This is a unisex shoe so if you don’t want it for yourself, grab it for your significant other because Jabong has a delicious discount going on these. Just can’t go wrong with that combo!

Price: Rs. 2819 (40% off) @ Jabong

ZARA Shiny Plimsolls

If we had a rupee for every time we saw a poorly named shoe by Zara, we’d have enough to actually buy out their entire inventory. Jokes aside, these plimsolls are done correctly and here’s why. When you target a color palette, you pay attention to the effect the different shades of the palette can have on the blank canvas at hand. This is one of the few shoes that gets it! Apart from the Vans showcased above, this shoe has a gum sole on it! We LOVE gum soles, albeit not in vulcanized rubber. However, bear in mind that most of the lifestyle shoes are slippery as hell because little attention is paid to their out-soles. This shoe has a Polyurethane (PU) upper and a vulcanized rubber sole for grip. The bottom reflects the color palette and is matched with the sock liner to complete the presentation. The mid-sole is thick and crisp white making the gum bottom complete the silhouette with character.

Price: Rs. 2990 @ ZARA

Aldo Niaella Golden Shoes


We would be lying if we told you this silhouette is not influenced by a certain slip-on model of Skechers and Fila. It’s the execution of the design however that has us gawking at this embellished design. As opposed to textured upper with metallic splatter on it, the decorative detailing on the upper of this shoe in particular makes it very unique. Be warned though that embellished clothing and shoes tend to lose these decorative pieces as the shoe ages through a cycle of wear and tear. Regardless, the choice of lining is great and we love the amount of cushioning around the collar of the shoe. The mid-sole is thick and the outsole is made of rubber. It doesn’t seem to have a lot of grip on it though so you’d want to watch your footing on certain surfaces.

Price: Rs. 7990 @ Jabong

Adidas Neo Rhythm Lite Mid Golden

These gold toned central lace-up mids from the German brand were picked by us because of the great color contrast used throughout the construction of the shoe. The signature three stripes talk to you on the medial and lateral side of the shoe assuring you of quality. The mouth up top is secured by a white Velcro strap that is reminiscent of the one on AR 2.0 series. The flat white laces are a perfect match with the white mid-sole which helps break the monotony of a typical gold toned shoe. The thread used on the 3 stripes and on the vamp of the shoe are of the same color and have been kept low profile on purpose. The heel features a gold pull tab stitched into the back, which also serves as the loop across which runs the white leather strap keeping your shoe laces from opening up and making you trip. The brand name appears on the strap, the lower back of the shoe as well as the tongue. The inner lining is all white with the shoe insert adorning the Adidas Neo logo in White and Gold. The rubber out-sole is a mix of grey padding and the majority of it is white with plenty of grip to go around. The upper of the tongue is all gold as well with the bottom being all white. All in all, we love the shoe and how it has kept the simple color scheme of white and gold so crisp, clean and fresh.

Price: Rs. 3499 (30% discount) @ Jabong

Vans Classic Slip-On Rose-Gold Sneakers

If there’s one brand that knows how to make a slip-on shoe, it’s Vans. Their Classic slip-on has been a household shoe for ages now with almost every color and print imaginable. The timeless classic with the signature “Vans Off the Wall” tag on the mid-sole at the back was once a middle school “cool” pass. The original waffle out-sole has stood the test of time as long as the white elastic side accents of the shoe, if not more! The thick and wide rubber mid-sole ensures comfort for longer duration wear.

Price: Rs. 2819 (40% discount) @ Jabong

What are your favorite metallic shoes? Do you like Silver, rose gold or yellow gold colorways? Which silhouettes do you think are in-sync with your style and expression? Let us know in the comments section below or hit us up on IG @_thatshoeguy_

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