Don’t be shy! Bring out your printed sneakers this summer

Don’t be shy! Bring out your printed sneakers this summer

We’re talking to both Men and Women here. Many people love the aesthetics of a good solid colorway when it comes to apparel and shoes. The grace and look of a monochrome colorway just can’t be beat no matter what season it is. It’s easy to match things up and look suave. However, spring and summer are the perfect seasons to experiment with your playful side. If you can wear a floral print top, shirt, jacket, skater dress or skirt then why not a printed sneaker? A lot of people I’ve personally met have inhibitions related to certain colors and they won’t even touch a printed shoe with a barge pole.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a weave, a 3d print, a splatter or literally your niece’s frock stitched into a shoe – as long as the materials are lightweight, breathable and comfortable, you’ve nailed it. Neither is it defined by a price-point threshold nor by what’s the in-thing at the moment.

Enough talking let’s go ahead and lure these naysayers shall we?

The 2012 sensation from Nike that flipped everyone’s wigs was the Roshe Run. If there were any apprehensions related to wearing something printed, this shoe stuck a fist in its jaw. The good old hunter camo with orange lining and matching rope laces as well as the custom Aztec print on black and the teal beauty on the side with a white swoosh and a color matched sole are trendy to this day, not to mention the countless floral print editions this shoe already has.


What are your other options you ask? How about the shoe that murked the game in 2014? Adidas ZX Flux went viral with the mi ZX Flux app wherein people could design their own Flux. The world went from floral to geometric to aztec to splatter to, okay let’s stop. But you get the drift right? There’s no rule to it minus the obvious one – Play with it!


New Balance has experimented with the idea as well to the relief of many. Producers of some of the most comfortable shoes in the world, it was imperative for N-Bee to step up their pastel, weave and print game.

Paisley on shirts, blazers, sure! But on Sneakers? YESSIR! Nike has probably been one of the most “open-minded” brands when it comes to prints. A brainchild of the famous Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield, the Air Max 1 series has some of the most beautiful prints out there.

If there’s one brand we keep looking at when it comes to printed shoes, it has to be Vans. Their classic silhouettes have worn so many prints over the years, we’ve lost count. Here’s a glimpse of some Vans’ printed sneakers that we absolutely love including the 50th anniversary OG classic in multi-color.

As you can see, most of the mainstream brands have embraced the idea of having something more peppy and upbeat for the spring as well as summer seasons. In contrast, winter shoes have darker tones matching the gloom and cold of several skylines across the globe. For some people, the winter is never over and they stick to the monotony of the muted tones.

We highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone this year. It’s not easy but you’ll be surprised how happy and light you feel once you do. While everyone else ends up looking the same, you go ahead and be the one that looks different.

What are some of your favorite designs in terms of summer shoes? What would you rock and what would you rather leave alone? Let us know in the comments down below or drop us a line on IG/Twitter: @_thatshoeguy_

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