Six of the best purple sneakers ever made

Six of the best purple sneakers ever made

There are very few companies that have delivered the perfect plum or purple sneaker. You’ll often see shades of purple and/or plum thrown into the mix but executing a full design based on one color is a different ballgame altogether. But as is true about all generalizations, this one is false as well. On the other end of the spectrum, we have some really well executed designs thanks to some sneaker sorcery that enables designers to identify just the right amount of colored accents.

Here are our six picks from an already limited list. Let’s ogle for a second because boy, are they something!

New Balance x Packer Shoes P740 Purple Reign

One of the oldest sneaker shops based out of Teaneck, New Jersey, Packer shoes rarely has a bad looking collab. These P740 James Worthy purple and yellow beauties are proof that a kickass purple shoe can be made with the right ingredients, accents and materials.

New Balance x Packer Shoes P740 Purple Reign


Concepts x Vans Sk8 Hi

We can’t complain when it comes to Vans. Even though their canvas shoes are far more popular, their leather offerings are just delicious. This pair of Sk8 Hi’s is a collab with one of the most talented bunch of designers over at the Cambridge, MA sneaker boutique.


Concepts x Vans Syndicate Sk8-Hi

Asics Gel Lyte V Sunset Purple

Asics is one of the few brands that have dabbled with purple all along. A number of their shoes have used purple accents but this pair of Gel Lyte V’s is an absolute beauty. The neoprene single booty construction with the brick-red sock liner and the dab of yellow on the midsole makes this a great looking purple shoe.

Asics Gel Lyte V Sunset Purple


Raekwon x Packer Shoes x Diadora Purple Tape

When the tables turn around and the Chef is the one you have to feed, you better get your ingredients right! Raekwon is a name synonymous with hip-hop. The ex-WuTang member celebrated the 20th Anniversary of his iconic album – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, by getting this gorgeous purple pair from Diadora x Packer made in limited numbers.

Raekwon x Diadora x Packer Shoes N9000 Purple Tape


Puma Suede Classic Mono ICED

Puma is a brand that gets it. Not only do they understand low top shoes, they know how not to mess with the color scheme. Their mono-iced series has a bunch of great lookers in red and blue, but this purple pair looks so fresh you’d mistake it for a 2016 release! If you’re all about colors and you want a striking shade of purple in a great silhouette, this is it.

Puma Suede Classic Mono Iced Purple


Ewing Athletics Guard Euro Exclusive Purple

Ewing Athletics has offerings that grow on you over a period of time. They’re old school alright and the colorways on some of their offerings just make you wanna loosen your wallet. After parting ways with Adidas, Patrick Ewing the retired professional basketball player started his own line of sneakers. This particular model is known as “Guard” and was a Europe-Exclusive release making it a much sought after shoe.

Ewing Athletics Euro Exclusive Purple


We hope you enjoyed this list. Let us know what are some of your favorite purple sneakers down below or hit us up on our Twitter or Instagram.

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