Adidas Gazelle OG vs. Adidas Gazelle: Which one should you buy?

Adidas Gazelle OG vs. Adidas Gazelle: Which one should you buy?

Right from today’s Ultraboost hegemony all the way back to 1968, Adidas has had timeless classics in its catalog. In our brand new series – ThisorThat, we take a look at one such timeless classic that was born in the shape of an indoor football shoe – The Gazelle. A few years later after the advent of the Gazelle, Adidas felt the need to rework the shoe and introduced a second version commonly known as Gazelle or Gazelle 2. Meanwhile, the 1968 classic went on to be known as The Gazelle OG and rightfully so. Both the shoes remain on store shelves to this day which brings us to the million dollar question – Which pair is right for you?

The Gazelle OG

Adidas Gazelle OG


Here are some of the signature characteristics of the OG:

  1. Pointy front
  2. Low profile
  3. Short tongue
  4. Slim mid-sole
  5. Smaller toe-box
  6. Horizontal branding in gold, regardless of the color of the shoe’s upper
  7. Very lightweight
  8. Smaller heel tab
  9. Trefoil logo on the heel tab (you may not find it on some of the newer versions of the OG)


The Gazelle

Adidas Gazelle 2


Here are some of the characteristics of the new Gazelle:

  1. Larger & rounder toe-box
  2. Low profile
  3. Longer tongue (made from synthetic material)
  4. Wider shoe overall
  5. Thick mid-sole
  6. Color Contrast branding
  7. Heavy
  8. Large heel tab
  9. Trefoil logo on the heel tab with “adidas” written underneath


The larger tongue on the Gazelle makes it look taller but at the cost of aesthetics. Also, how your bottom-wear falls onto the shoe can be interrupted by the tongue that sticks out like a uni-brow on a supermodel, just contesting for attention. It’s also made up of synthetic material that’s annoyingly squeaky. The larger toe box and wider overall look and feel makes the Gazelle roomier than the OG giving you more wiggle room. The OG on the other hand is a snug narrow fit so if you have wider feet, you’d better go a half or full size up if you’re sold on it.

Lastly, the Gazelle 2 will cost you anywhere between Rs. 5,999 – Rs. 8,999 + taxes including the latest suede versions. The OG on the other hand hovers around a price range of Rs. 5,999 – Rs. 6,999 + taxes including the EF Mid version in suede. Of course, Adidas loves to pamper you with those 50% and above sales, so both versions don’t break the pocket.



My choice is definitely the OG! It’s simple, elegant and a no-frills shoe. It’s sleeker, lighter and looks far better on feet compared to its new-school variant. Nothing fights for attention and the signature gold branding on the lateral side of the shoe stands unquestioned, regardless of the color of the upper. Even though with changing times, that’s a fading trademark too! The low profile makes it a must-have shoe for those into fitted clothing. A bit of hit and trial with your sizing being the only caveat for the OG, it passes everything else from comfort to aesthetics on TSG’s checklist. Regardless of what you go for eventually, just remember that you’re buying not just a shoe but a piece of Adidas’ history for your wardrobe.

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