Adidas Superstar vs. Superstar 2

Adidas Superstar vs. Superstar 2

Every closet has a pair of Adidas Superstars. Undeniably, this one shoe model has stood the test of time against all old and new contenders in the competitive footwear industry. While it was created as a basketball shoe, it has proven to be a versatile silhouette adorned by several celebrities and fashion icons all over the world, regardless of which industry they come from.

Adidas Superstars can be tracked back to 1969. This low-top variant drew its inspiration from the Pro Model basketball shoe and was the first to have an all-leather upper. The signature characteristic that made the shoe popular was the rubber shell toe. Commonly referred among shoeheads as “shell toes”, they quickly became every athlete’s must have shoes and had people from Hollywood and the fashion industry swooning over them. However, down the years another Superstar was born and was simply coined the Adidas Superstar 2. The shoe enjoyed a lot of success as well but differs in certain ways from the original. Let’s have a look at the distinct characteristics of each and help you decide which one’s for you!


Adidas Superstar I

Here are some of the signature characteristics of the OG:

  1. Rubber shell toe piece
  2. Thin leather tongue
  3. No additional padding on the inside of the tongue or heel
  4. All leather upper
  5. Limited colorways
  6. Superstar labeling on the side of the shoe
Adidas Superstar II


Adidas Superstar II

  1. Abrasion Resistant
  2. More Colors & Prints
  3. Metallic Exteriors
  4. Thick Padded Tongue
  5. Silk Lining for more comfort
  6. Rubber Shell Toe Piece
  7. Full Grain Leather Upper
  8. Herringbone Pattern on the Outsole
  9. Increased padding around the heel
  10. Trefoil logo added to the heel tab
  11. The word “Superstar” removed from the side of the shoe


The Superstar II is the most recent version of the Superstar and that is the version most people have today. There were actually three versions of the Superstar – Superstar Vintage, Superstar I and Superstar II. The vintage edition shares a lot of similarities with the Superstar I from 1969.


The Superstar II clearly has a lot to offer than the original. Also, the full grain leather upper, bolder colorways, prints, silk lining and other related nuances make it a tough shoe to skip. However, the OG has sentimental value and that classic unadulterated low-top look. As far as comfort goes, both the shoes are pretty good but the padding on the upgraded version is much better both on the tongue and the heel. In all honesty, you actually deserve a pair of each but I’ll be more inclined towards the Superstar II for better materials and more padding. Whichever model you choose, just remember – You are a Superstar regardless!

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