Diadora V7000 vs. N9000

Diadora V7000 vs. N9000

When you buy a pair of shoes from a company that was started by a cobbler, you know the workmanship will be second to none and that generates a sense of belonging like no other. Italian cobbler Marcello Danieli started the company in 1948 and Diadora would soon become a brand synonymous with mountain boots. The brand’s transition into producing advanced running and athletic footwear came about during the 1960’s and they have never looked back since.



Another retro runner from the 90’s, the V7000 appears as the more stockily built silhouette with a blocky design. It looks and feels more compact as opposed to the N9000 which feels like it is lounging on a beach chair. It’s a very comfortable shoe with great arch support and I happen to have a few that I haven’t rocked in a while. It is structurally very different from its older cousin but has its fair share of admirers including myself. Some notable collabs include Foot Patrol, Ronnie Fieg, End Clothing, Afew, Ubiq, The Good Will Out, Patta, Hanon, Solebox, Sneaker Freaker, and many more.

  1. Mesh Toebox (Collabs may use different materials like nubuck, suede, etc.)
  2. No intersection of the Y-spoke by any other overlay
  3. Runs smaller by 0.5 to full size from your true size
  4. Lower part of the Y-spoke merges with two panels forming a peak towards the throat
  5. Tall and broad panel reading V.7000 sits atop a thin plastic support piece
  6. Thin long plastic strip runs from medial to lateral side around the heel that peaks and falls on the heel
  7. Good arch support and a great shape
  8. Very Comfortable
  9. Embossed Diadora branding on the midsole near the midfoot
  10. Embroidered Diadora & V7000 branding on the tongue
  11. Mudguard runs all the way to heel without any breaks in between
  12. Signature single spike on the midsole
  13. Embroidered branding on the heel; embossed branding on the outsole
  14. Paneling makes for great color contrasted accents
  15. Lightweight



The N9000 was born in 1990 with the ‘N’ standing for Neutral. It was aimed originally as an athletic shoe with cushioning, performance and stability at its core which made it the perfect canvas for a lifestyle iteration. N9000 became Diadora’s go-to model for collaborators around the world that includes Concepts, LC23, Bait, Extra Butter, La MJC, Colette, Packer, LimitedEditions, 24 Kilates, Hanon, The Good Will Out, and many more. The typical mesh base with suede overlays and a variety of colorways has always been the trademark of 90’s runners which immediately turned it into a street favorite.

  1. Mesh Toebox (Collabs may use different materials like nubuck, suede, etc.)
  2. Two parallel panels run from upper heel all the way to mudguard and vamp respectively
  3. Low part of the Y-spoke visibly touches the midsole, shares a few stitches with the mudguard and gets intersected by an overlay
  4. Plastic heel insert for support
  5. The bottom heel counter is more pronounced  but does not extend to mid-foot
  6. Very Comfortable
  7. Excellent shape; overall panelling makes for greater flexibility with colors and choice of materials
  8. Softer mid-sole
  9. Lightweight with great arch support
  10. Runs larger by 0.5 to full size.
  11. Signature spikes onto the midsole from right under the heel piece
  12. Medial-side spikes run past the mid-foot onto the midsole
  13. Diadora embossed branding on the midsole where the tongue ends
  14. Embroidered branding on the heel; embossed branding on the outsole
  15. Embroidered Diadora & N9000 branding on the tongue



I personally prefer the N9000 because it’s the complete package. The GR’s on that model are insane as well, thanks to the whole Made in Italy line-up that comes from their in-house facility at their headquarters in Caerano di San Marco. The V7000 is a great shoe with premium materials as well, but I find the panels and possibilities on the N9000 accommodating way more creativity. The V7000 appears simpler with less bells and whistles and therefore, also has a less clunky look to it. It is surprisingly lightweight, just like the N9000 but the latter appears to be the heavier shoe simply because of design elements that give it a broader profile. Both the models are very stylish and comfortable. The GR’s created by Diadora are second to none and they have some great executions like the Castle Rock, Red Beet, Blue Corsair, Total Eclipse, Aqua pack, etc. Once again, there are hits and misses on both sides when it comes to collaborations but there are gems to be had in your treasure from both the numeric series.

All Images – Diadora

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